FAQs - UpRecruit
Recruiting, Updated. Learn how UpRecruit works (for employers and candidates) with these answers to our frequently asked questions.
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Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions about UpRecruit. If you
have additional questions not covered here, please contact us at support@uprecruit.com

What is UpRecruit?

UpRecruit is a hiring marketplace that matches tech talent to full-time and contract opportunities at Phoenix’s most innovative companies. With UpRecruit, hiring managers gain direct access to a curated shortlist of high-quality job seekers and leverage their own company brand and voice to reach out direct, instead of relying on a middleman.

How does the UpRecruit process work?

Each week, our curation team selects a fresh batch of candidates to ‘showcase’ on the UpRecruit platform. Companies find candidates by opening a position with specific criteria, such as skillset, tech stack, years of experience, and contract-type. This generates a shortlist of recommended profiles of candidates to whom the companies can send personalized interview requests. As soon as candidates accept an interview request, the recruitment process proceeds as per the company’s internal procedures.

How is UpRecruit different from job boards like Indeed?

Job boards are open platforms where ANYONE can apply to company job postings. But with UpRecruit, companies input their job criteria, and our algorithms produce a shortlist of vetted, prescreened candidates ready to hear from you.

How is UpRecruit different from a headhunter or staffing agency?

We leverage AI to automate most of what an agency recruiter does and enable direct connection between candidates and employers through an easy-to-use web interface. All candidates are pre-screened, highly curated, and READY TO HIRE. Bottom line… UpRecruit kept the best parts of the agency model and eliminated the rest.

What does UpRecruit cost?

UpRecruit is 100% free for candidates. Companies can access the platform for free and pay for hires on a subscription basis, right-sized to their company size and hiring goals. We also offer a ‘pay per hire’ option for companies who want to try us out on a contingency basis. Contact your account manager for details.

What type of roles do you hire for?

We specialize in placing software developers across all tech stacks and experience levels. Typical positions we place include Front end, Back end, Full stack, Devops, Mobile and Data engineers. Developers with knowledge of Python, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, Java, iOS, Android with experience in tech companies or start-ups will generally have the greatest success.

What kind of companies use UpRecruit?

Our goal is to build a network of the highest-quality companies in Phoenix, which means that we only approve about 50% of the companies that request to join UpRecruit. Company sizes vary from early stage start-ups to large enterprises with ‘start-up like’ opportunities.

Why didn’t I receive an invite to go live on UpRecruit?

Currently, UpRecruit accepts about 10% of applicants onto the platform. If you didn’t receive an invite to go live on UpRecruit, unfortunately we don’t have enough opportunities right now to ensure that you will have a successful experience with us. We are constantly growing our demand as we onboard new employers, and we welcome you to resubmit your profile in 30 days.

My company uses UpRecruit. Will they be able to see my profile?

Absolutely not. By default, we hide your profile from your current and past employers. If you want your profile to be invisible to other companies, simply add those companies to the “blocked companies” section in your profile.

How do companies find my profile on UpRecruit?

Companies search for candidates by opening a position with specific criteria, such as skillset, tech stack, years of experience, and employment type. This brings up a shortlist of recommended profiles of candidates to whom the companies can then review in detail and send interview requests.

How long will my profile remain ‘live’ on UpRecruit?

To help candidates manage interview load, and to ensure our talent pool stays fresh, we only keep profiles visible for eight weeks. However, you don’t have to complete all interview processes during that time and you are welcome to resubmit your profile at a future date if your promotion period ends without a hire.

What happens when I accept or decline an interview request?

By accepting an interview request, you are simply agreeing to an initial conversation and if the position isn’t a fit, you can remove yourself from the interview process at any time. When you decline a request, we notify the company that you aren’t interested in that particular opportunity. We encourage you to respond to all interview requests within 24-48 hours to respect everyone’s time.

What kind of support does UpRecruit provide to job seekers?

Our non-commissioned Technical Recruiters are on stand-by to provide unbiased guidance throughout the job search process. Lean on us for anything at all, including profile polishing, interview preparation, and offer negotiation.

What kind of positions can UpRecruit help us fill?

UpRecruit specializes in technical candidates grouped into five expertise categories: development, infrastructure, data analytics, testing and product/design. Our candidates are seeking a wide variety of positions including: backend, frontend, fullstack, data, QA, DevOps, product managers, UX/UI designers and more.

Where does UpRecruit source candidates?

UpRecruit is the simplest way for technical candidates to find their next job. The tech community in Phoenix is tight nit, so a lot of them know us through word of mouth or get directly referred by people who have had a great experience with us. We also organize meetups and run online marketing campaigns.

How does UpRecruit vet candidates?

The UpRecruit platform is invite-only, meaning candidates are only accepted to the platform once they are evaluated for sufficient experience by our algorithms and human curation team. In addition, we screen every candidate for intent, ensuring that the candidates you find on UpRecruit are highly responsive to your interview requests.

How do we connect with candidates on UpRecruit?

Once you have an active account, simply create a new position specifying criteria such as skillset, years of experience and tech stack. UpRecruit’s algorithms then send you tailored list of candidate profiles to whom you can send interview requests. As soon as candidates accept an interview request, the recruitment process proceeds as per your company’s internal procedures.

What should be included in an interview request?

Keep it simple and take advantage of the templates in our messaging interface. The request should include role-specific information plus a personalized message from you. When candidates receive your request, they will also be able to click on your company profile in UpRecruit to learn about the company culture, tech stack, benefits, and value proposition.

Can I respond to a candidate after they’ve declined our interview request?

Yes. Candidates on UpRecruit are in high demand and things move fast so sometimes they decline interviews without having all of the information. To help counter this, we provide you with a decline reason and give you the opportunity to respond with relevant details. It’s very common for candidates to reconsider and accept interview requests after receiving more information.

What kind of support does UpRecruit provide during the hiring process?

UpRecruit’s relationship managers keep close contact with candidates and guide them through the interview processes with our clients. These touchpoints result in valuable bi-directional feedback along the way, ultimately increasing the odds of an accepted offer.