Tips to Land Your Dream Job on UpRecruit!

Wondering how you can maximize your job search on UpRecruit? Look no further!

Our experts have compiled all the tools you need to make potential employers look twice (and bite!) in this all-encompassing infographic. Get tips on how to make your profile shine, as well as how to interact with employers in the most effective way once you make contact.

Bottom line—you got this!

How to Set Yourself up for Success

Make Your Profile STAND OUT

Show Employers You’re MOTIVATED


Upload a nice photo to personalize your profile


Highlight past accomplishments and current preferences.


Add your minimum base salary (don’t worry, this is a non-binding starting off point).


Include up to five skills that showcase your top proficiencies.


Use the three focus areas provided to highlight your search priorities.


Our employers are prepared to hire fast. If you’re not able to start a new role within 4-6 weeks, don’t go “LIVE” just yet.


Reply to interview requests within 48 hours to keep things moving and respect everyone’s time.


Unsure about an interview request? Consider accepting it! Most initial phone screenings are quick and exploratory, and you may be glad you took the chance. (Of course, you are always welcome to decline an interview request.)


The number of interview requests you receive is dependent on the hiring needs of our current employers. Sit back and relax while we work hard to find your ideal career match!

Pro Tip: “In your profile, include links to your GitHub, Stack Overflow, or personal website, so employers can see your side projects and past work. This is a great way to showcase your skills and potential!”

– Antony, Technical Recruiter, UpRecruit

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About the Author

Antony Sanders is a creative enthusiast and entrepreneur with 6 years of experience in design and software engineering. He currently enjoys working as a Technical Recruiter at UpRecruit, a recruiting platform that intelligently matches tech talent to innovative companies. He has a passion for tech, music, business, and networking with people to help creatively develop ideas and solutions.